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Expression Analysis Studies in MIF Knock-Out Mouse Macrophages

Project supported by the Leenaards Foundation, in collaboration with the CHUV (Dr Thierry ROGER)

Macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) was one of the first cytokines to be identified, in 1966. However, the cloning of human MIF has been performed only in 1989. Over the five past years, MIF has emerged as a critical mediator of inflammation and innate immunity. MIF is produced constitutively by immune, endocrine and epithelial cells and is rapidly released in tissues and into the circulation after microbial invasion.
The aim of the project, supported by the Leenaards Foundation, is to examine gene expression patterns of a MIF Knocked-Out mouse using microarray technology. The importance of MIF has been mostly described with gram negative bacteria. In our lab, we are specifically investigating the response of murine macrophages to gram positive bacteria, such as S. aureus.

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